Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Happened to These Actors?

 Oh, the humanity! Celebrities come and go in Hollywood. Some actors you want to see stay in the spotlight, while there are others you wish on every star would just go away. I'm going to take a look at a few actors that were once respected that have since fallen from grace. Some of these stars may still be in the spotlight, even making money at the box office, but that doesn't mean that respect for them hasn't taken a major dip and is still declining.

 1. Adam Sandler- Why this man ever had a career, I'll never know. I remember his films, such as Big Daddy, being a big deal amongst my classmates in middle school. I tried out this film, as well as several others. With the exception of Spanglish, I've never seen what the appeal of him was (keyword on the usage of "was"). His humor has always been mean-spirited, crude, obnoxious voices, and the easiest punchlines in the book. There have been reports that his films tend to be somewhat sexist, as Rose McGowan has commented on herself. I'm no SJW, but I've noticed a certain trend in the way females have been portrayed in a number of his films. Take Grown Ups for example, the women were seen as either sex objects, constantly nagging their husbands, or someone to laugh at because of how unattractive they were. I'm not saying this is the case for every single film of his, but I've seen it in many of his movies.

 Remember when I said just a few sentences up that my middle school classmates loved his films? I think that about sums up who he appeals to. That at least was the case at one time, now that audience has grown up and has moved on from his shtick. Yes, he's still making movies, but they're not making waves like he used to. Unless he's willing to grow as a comedian and adapt his humor to the change in the times and with his fan base, he won't make the comeback he needs.

 2. Katherine Heigl- It's so strange looking back on Katherine's career. At one point in time, she was on the fast track to becoming Hollywood's the next leading lady. Not only did she have an Emmy winning role on the popular show Grey's Anatomy, but she was starring in a string of box office successes, including her breakout role in Knocked Up. Then, she started to bite the hand that fed her. Not only did she call Knocked Up sexist, but she removed her name from the list of nominations for the Emmy's for her work on Grey's Anatomy because she didn't think she was given good enough material to warrant a nomination. People believed this was her way of trying to get out of her contract. Still, it was not the right way of handling things.

 Afterward, she made several more films. While a lot of them did well, they were also meant with negative reviews from critics. Word eventually got out how hard she and her mother (whom I believe is her manager) were able to work with on set due to their constant demands. Soon, she was blacklisted.

 She has tried to make a comeback since then, but the show that was supposed to revive her career got canceled. The few films she's done since the downfall has flopped. Right now, Katherine's career has seemed to have dried up.

 Is there still hope? I find it doubtful, but many celebrities have surprised me before. I think Katherine needs to show humility and take full responsibility for her past mistakes. Maybe take some roles in indie films to show a different side to her other than the other predictable films she did for years as well as a tell all interview where she holds nothing back and that she's learned from the past. Once again, I doubt this will happen, but only time will tell.

 3. Megan Fox-Sure, her big screen debut in Transformers was never seen as a respectable film, but Megan was instantly being marketed as a sex symbol and could have ended up having a decent career if she had taken the right roles and also hired an acting coach to help her with her acting skills. Instead, she continued to do one bad film after another, while giving performances looking like she'd rather be anywhere else. If that wasn't bad enough, her calling Michael Bay "Hitler" didn't help her reputation any. I don't know how many people know about this, but she said at one point in time that she was removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo because she had bipolar and she didn't want to be associated with that negativity. First of all, we don't know what Marilyn had. Second, her comment was way out of line. Way to be judgemental!

 With that being said, Megan has stated that motherhood comes before her career. Many sites have speculated that she continues acting as a way to support both her kids and husband, who says he can't work due to his health. That's nice that she motherhood means so much to her and that she is willing to take on the role as breadwinner for her family, but if she keeps up making the same mistakes, then she may need to find a new career.

 4. Steven Segal-During the 80's Steven was one of the biggest action hero stars in Hollywood. This was during a time where action films were all the rage and Steven starred in one hit film after another during his prime. Eventually, actions films stopped dominating the box office and so did Steven's career.

 Unlike a lot of actors that are past their glory days, Steven is still making movies. But, instead of being the star of big screen films, almost every single one of his movies have gone straight to DVD. While some may say that it's good that he's still getting work, think about this: even though Steven is still a working actor, most of his movies go unnoticed. If anything he's done gets any attention, it's usually because everything he's done has been laughable, right now to the point where Steven can't do his own stunts and his fighting scenes have to be played in slow motion. He's officially become more of a punchline than someone to be taken seriously.

 He's tried other projects, including a two season TV show on the network Reelz, a reality show, and his own line of energy drinks. Steven has also shown interest in running for governor of Arizona, but only time will tell if he follows through.

 5. Johnny Depp-It's so weird that Johnny Depp of all people is on this list, yet, here he is. I can't exactly pinpoint the exact film when we officially had seen enough of him. Maybe it was a slow downward slope. After many years of being amongst the A-List in Tinseltown, all of the "unique" characters he was playing were all starting to seem like one slightly different version of Captian Jack Sparrow after the other. Not only that but his pairing up with Tim Burton over the years was starting to wear thin. All the dark material in the scripts and the characters that were supposed to be different and showcase Johnny's creativity were no longer fun to watch.

 Eventually, his films stopped making money and they were also being critically torn apart. That, and his personal life didn't do him any favors, but that's a different blog. With all that being said, I don't have high hopes for Johnny's career making a comeback. I feel that way because he spent 20 years in the B-List and he finally made his way to the top. Now that he's at an all time low in his career, it would be highly unlikely for him to climb his way back up. But, as always, we'll see over time.

Source: Looper

Sunday, August 13, 2017

On No They Didn't! A Waitress Was Makeup Shamed!

 Part time waitress and aspiring makeup artist that goes by the name Winged and Contoured served two teenagers at her job recently. When the check came, the teenagers demanded to see a manager. According to them, the waitress had failed to inform them how much their bill would be at the end of the meal and they wanted a discount. When the manager refused, the girls pulled out a credit card that they apparently had the whole time and paid. When the waitress looked at the receipt, she was in for a big surprise.

 Instead of a tip, there was a big fat 0 along with the note: "Here's a tip: Contour is supposed to BLEND." Wow, it's bad enough they blamed the waitress for their lack of math skills, but to insult her makeup skills is so childish it's almost laughable! The good news is, the waitress took matters into her own hands and made the best of it.

 She posted a photo of the receipt on social media with the caption, "When people try to hurt your feelings over your makeup. Good thing I know my #makeup was #flawless today." The caption had some laughing so hard I'm crying emojis as well as a photo of how she looked that day.

 Everyone who has covered the story has all agreed that she looked beautiful, and I agree, too. Sometimes the best revenge is to laugh at the haters and show that you can rise above any criticism.

 No matter what type of shaming you throw towards a person, whether it has to do with makeup, weight, or anything else, you end up looking weak, not the person you are trying to put down.

Source: Allure

Friday, August 11, 2017

Why Kylie Jenner is Failing at Being Relateable

 We all knew it was just a matter of time before Kylie would end up getting her own reality show. Life of Kylie recently made its debut on E! and both the network and Kylie herself have been trying harder than ever to push the narrative that she is just your average 20-year-old.

 The most recent example of this was shown in a Buzzfeed Video (I know, I know) that Kylie did with her best friend Jordyn Woods. In the YouTube Video that was posted today, the two girls played with puppies and answered fan questions. It gets off to a great start with them posing for a selfie, holding puppies, and Jordan making an observation about the relationship the two dogs have with one another by saying, "These are the two that like each other....or don't like each other!" Yeah, so.....this video is getting off to a great start, isn't it?

 Anyway, Kylie spends the rest of the video answeing questions such as which sibling is her favorite, who are the people she looks up to when it comes to fashion, what high school was like, her skincare routine, and the most important one of them all: how she found Kim's diamond earrings in the ocean?

 Seems innocent enough, right? Well, it would have been if she put any legitimate effort into answering them while Jordyn constantly rolled her eyes! She answered every question in the shortest, most generic way possible. For example, when it came to her skincare routine, she talked about taking off every inch of her makeup, wearing sunscreen every day, and wearing moisturizer. ( Really? You can find that on any website related to beauty!)

 If you're wondering about what she said when it came to her favorite sibling is, it was none other than Kim! Her fashion inspirations? Kim, Kendall, and Bella Hadid (Kendall's friend). Oh, I left something out, she mainly watches her own show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, oh, and a lot of other shows, too. Really!

 The most eye rolling moment was when Jordyn and Kylie claimed that Bill Nye was their celebrity crush and they found him to be so "sexy!" They went on to say that he once refused to give them an autograph. Kylie said that she understood why someone would say no to that request, but that they still felt sad. (I'm dying to hear his take on this!)

 So, yeah, that was the video. If you want to watch it, you can click here. (I know you're just itching to hear how she found Kim's earrings!) So, what did we learn today? That Kylie needs to stop trying to relate to her fans and accept the fact that she comes from a very privileged background. I know I'm sounding cynical and like I'm picking on someone 11 years younger than me, but that's honestly not the case. By saying that Kylie needs to accept the fact that she will never be seen as an average 20-year-old doesn't mean that I think she should be taking photos of her extensive collection of purses, makeup, and clothing with the caption: "Jealous? You should be!" I just think that there a happy medium between realizing that you've been very blessed with the life you have without sounding like she's Paris Hilton on The Simple Life. (Remember her saying, "What's Walmart? Do they sell like, wall stuff?")

 Cosmo put it best in a review they did of the first two episodes of her show by stating that Kylie belongs on social media, not TV. I couldn't put it better myself. This is a girl that compares her reality show to "one long Snapchat story." *Throws up in mouth* OK, that was mean. The point is that it's best to see snippets of her life online rather than her own show because she can at least come across as a little more authentic on her personal social media accounts. She can control what we see and just how much we see of it. With her own reality show, Kylie runs into the issue with having to push this false narrative that she's just like her (mostly) young fan base because the network fears her show won't be successful without that notion. But at the end of the day, no amount of 30 minutes of edited screen time will convince us that she's normal. If anything, it insults her fan base by pushing this idea on them.

 Kylie needs to stick to what she knows, being the star of social media. (But please, don't make another joke about mental illness, OK?) After all, people are watching less TV anyway. Staying on top of the social media industry will end up being more beneficial to her if she wants to stick around over the long haul when it comes to being famous.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Netflix's To the Bone: Good or Bad?

 To the Bone is a 2017 film that first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and then was purchased by Netflix. The movie was made available to view on the streaming service in July 2017.

 The movie is about a 20-year-old named Ellen struggling with anorexia. After failing to complete an inpatient program, Ellen returns home to both her stepmother, Susan, and her younger sister. Ellen's father is not around (as we later learn this is a habit of his) and Ellen tries to cover for him by saying that he's busy.

 Susan tries to enroll Ellen into another inpatient program with a specialist by the name of Dr. William Beckham. At first, Ellen rejects the idea but changes her mind after talking to her sister.

 It's not an easy ride for Ellen at the treatment center. Many of the patients there are going through a lot themselves, which is painful for Ellen to witness. Also, during a group therapy session with her stepmother, mother, mother's girlfriend, sister, and Dr. Beckham, (her father fails to show up once again), we learn that her mother had a breakdown because of her diagnosis with bipolar disorder and had abounded Ellen to move to Phoenix with her girlfriend after her divorce from Ellen's dad A fight ensues between Ellen's mom and stepmother and it is revealed that Ellen had posted a lot of artwork on tumblr that showcased her anorexia, causing one of her fans to kill herself. Although the group therapy session was pretty bad, Ellen promised to do better, but she continued to lose weight.

 I'm going to leave it there because I don't want to give too much away just in case you want to see the movie yourself. Although many people who have recovered from various eating disorders have felt like the movie portrayed going through one to be honest and relatable, others have criticised the movie for glamorizing eating disorders, similar to the controversy 13 Reasons Why faced.

 There was one Youtuber by the name of Alex Meyers that expressed he felt like the film misrepresented body dysmorphia and didn't give you enough of a back story with the other characters that played important roles in the film.

 I want to start off by saying that Alex makes a good point. Body dysmorphia is extremely serious and they did kind of drop the ball when it comes to that issue. He was correct about not getting to know the other characters enough, as well. Those were some very fair points that I hadn't thought about.

 As far as it glamorizing eating disorders, I don't agree at all. I felt like it showed the audience how hard recovery is and how dealing with an eating disorder doesn't just affect the person who has one, but their loved ones as well.

 The acting was also superb. Lily Collins gave a powerful and performance as Ellen, and this role allowed her to shine as an actress and showed just how talented she is. Keanu Reeves played Dr. William Beckham. While there were people who weren't impressed with his performance, I liked it a lot. I thought that the role was good for him and I was happy to see him in the film.

 I will admit that while I felt like this was a very good movie, there will most likely be some people that have recovered from an eating disorder that might find this movie triggering. It's not that I think it encourages eating disorders, but I know that when that subject is brought up in a very detailed manner to someone that has since recovered, it becomes too much for them. So, with that in mind, I would say that if you're already very sensitive to that topic, this movie probably isn't for you.

 I am very glad that there is a movie out there like this, although I would love to see future films tackle this subject and discuss body dysmorphia more and put more emphasis that it doesn't affect just women. (Yes, there was a male at the treatment center who played an important character, but we didn't learn much about his disorder and usually eating disorders amongst men is still a subject that's not talked about enough.)

 So, if you feel like you can handle the film, I encourage you to give it a try Yes, there are flaws in the film, but there's still a good message and it gives a more honest portrayal about eating disorders than a lot of other films have done in the past.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Aaron Carter Comes Out, But I'm Still Worried.

 On August 5th, 2017, Aaron Carter came out as bisexual. While I applaud him for being honest with his fan base and hope it brings him some closure, I'm still worried. I wrote a blog on July 18th in which I talked out Aaron's arrest and his lashing out at his brother Nick. Well, on July 19th, Aaron did an interview with Entertainment Tonight that was posted on YouTube and it's gotten me worried for him all over again.

 In the interview, Aaron opened up about his eating disorder, breaking down in tears in the process. There were heartbreaking parts of the interview in which he talked about being body shamed. You could really tell that comments in which people told him he looked like he had AIDS hit him hard. Hey, it would do the same thing to me!

 What has worried me the most is that during this interview and this entire time since the arrest Aaron has denied repeatedly that he is currently using drugs. As I've stated before, addiction runs in his family, so this is something that he has been exposed to all too often. Also, no matter how long you've been sober, the possibility to relapse is always there. It doesn't make you weak or bad, but the worst thing you can do is be in denial.

 The last thing I want to happen is to see Aaron become the next broke child star living in a trailer and estranged from his family. I want nothing more than to see this man rise above all this and show that no matter what your circumstances are, there's always hope.

 I've seen on Aaron's Twitter that he's preparing for a comeback in music. That's great! But it will only last so long if he doesn't get clean. I pray that he is able to develop a strong relationship with God and find some kind of rehab that he can stay in for a few months. I really believe he needs treatment for more than 30 days.

 A lot of people have laughed at Aaron, but people really need to stop. This guy is in a spiraling downward and is clearly in so much pain. Having people mock him won't help him find the strength he needs to get better. Why would you root for someone to fail? He may have grown up in the spotlight, but he's still human.

 Aaron, I'm praying for you. I hope you can find God, sobriety, a comeback, and are able to mend fences with your family. Don't ever give up.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

SCAM: Nobody Came to My Friend's Baby Shower!

 On July 22nd, 2017, a woman named Dory took a few photos of empty tables at a restaurant as well as one of sad, pregnant woman by the name of Chelsie Collins. Underneath the depressing looking pictures, Dory wrote that only the only two people that had shown up at Chelsie's baby shower were her and her boyfriend.

 Many people were heartbroken by this story, leading to it getting retweeted 16,000 times. There were many people that wanted to help make it up to Chelsie. Dory provided links to Chelsie's Walmart baby registry as well as a PayPal account. Then, someone got suspicious.

 One Twitter user by the name of Jimi the Juice Man noticed a few things that didn't add up. For instance, the PayPal account that was supposed to be donated to Chelsie was being given to a woman by the name of Dorothy Holmes.

 Afterwards, Jimi did a little more digging and called the Golden Corral in Zanesville, OH where the baby shower took place. While speaking to the manager about what was being said online, the manager laughed and told Jimi that a party for 12 had been booked for that occasion and that everyone did show up.

Jimi took to Twitter and let the good people of Twitter know that they had been scammed. Along with the news, the proof was provided; including screenshots of who the money was actually going to on PayPal, as well as a screenshot he had taken showing that he did call the Golden Corral where they had Chelsie's baby shower. After Chelsie received over 350 gifts from her registry as well as at least someone getting donations through PayPal, people were furious.

 The New York Times later interviewed Chelsie and Dorothy. During the interview, Dorothy stated that she had taken the photo before anyone had shown up. Afterwards, the only people that did come were two friends, Dorothy's aunt and three children, and her sister. She denied that 12 people had shown up.

 The two tried to tell their side of things on Periscope, but it was a disaster and has since been deleted. In the video, Dorothy claimed that she only provided links to PayPal and the baby registry because people had asked. She also stated that they never asked for the tweet to go viral.

 Chelsie said that she didn't feel like they were scamming people because the gifts that had been given to her were actually going to be used. She felt like it would only be considered a scam if they were to return the gifts and get money back in return.

  This is all very disappointing news. It's heartbreaking that people will play with other's emotions in order to receive something for free. I honestly don't know what these two two were thinking when they planned this tweet out and sent it. (You know it was planned.) Is this something they do on a regular basis in their real lives? Did something going wrong in their pasts and they felt like the world owed them something in return? We'll most likely never know.

 Be very careful when you donate to others you don't know. Too many people with big hearts get taken advantage of. It's OK not to donate to every cause online. It's always best to do as much research as possible and don't be afraid to ask questions. If individuals are asking for donations for the right reasons, they'll be happy to answer anything because they have nothing to hide. Please keep that in mind. Much love to you all!

Source: First For Women

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Downfall of Beauty Blogger Neely Moldovan

 At one point in time, Neely Moldovan seemed to be living a very charmed life. She was a full-time lifestyle and beauty blogger living in Dallas, Texas, getting to do sponsored posts and enjoying a large following on social media. In October 2014, she got married to a man named Andrew Moldovan in downtown Dallas. The couple hired photographer, Andrea Polito, who had a well-established photography company named Andrea Polito Photography. It should have been the start to a beautiful future for the new couple, but in the few weeks following their wedding, a simple misunderstanding led ended up leading to a very publicized lawsuit.

 Following the wedding, the photography company sent the couple photo proofs that had been shot. Neely proceeded to post them on social media. After that, she asked Andrea when she would be receiving the high-resolution photos. Neely was then informed that as stated in the contract that she had signed with the studio, the photos would not be given to them until the album had been completed. Andrea also reminded the couple that it was also stated in the contract that she was required to fill out an order form, choose an album cover, and then her album would be completed.

 After this exchange, Andrea didn't hear back from Neely until the first week of 2015. Neely asked if she still had to pay the extra $125 for the album cover. Andrea informed her that she did, and Neely was not happy. The couple had spent a few thousand dollars on a series of photos that had been taken at their engagement celebration, rehearsal, and the ceremony itself. Neely couldn't understand why she couldn't just have her high-resolution photos, but Andrea said that the $125 fee for an album cover was in the contract she had signed. (Again, pointing out to several things that were clearly stated in the contract.)

 Over several emails, Andrea was going to wave the $125 fee for the album cover in order to satisfy her customers. Then, after a few days of emailing the couple, Andrea's studio manager texted her an Instagram post from Neely's account that their local NBC News were in their apartment.

 Neely and Andrew appeared on the news painting a very sad story about how Andrea Polito Photography was holding their photos hostage all because they wouldn't pay an extra fee that the studio was demanding after they had already spent thousands of dollars. They also shared a box of empty photo frames with the News.

 Andrea chose not to appear on camera but sent NBC a long email that was filled with both the contract that had been signed by the couple as well as several things that had not yet been paid for by the Moldovan's. Sadly, this wasn't featured in the broadcast. Instead, it painted the Moldovan's as victims of what was being portrayed as a scam as well as the couple lying about the album fee saying that the contract didn't say anything about it.

 Andrea said that almost overnight, her business that she had spent 13 years building had been destroyed. Many people online turned against the studio, leaving various 1-star reviews on sites as well as various forms of cyber bullying. Meanwhile, the couple "liked" many of the negative reviews about the studio. Although NBC ran a different story only days after the first, now defending Andrea after doing more research, it was too late. Almost as soon as the initial story broke, Andrea's business was ruined. Normally, the studio would book anywhere between 75 to 100 weddings every year. In 2015, only 2 had been booked. In October, the business had officially shut down.

 A defamation lawsuit against the Moldovan's was filed by Andrea. During the course of the trial, Andrea provided the court with emails that had taken place between them and the couple, showing how hard they tried to make amends with the Moldovan's, even though the couple were busy blasting the studio on social media while directing people to Neely's blog.

 The lawsuit began in 2015, the verdict finally came out in Andrea's favor in July of this year. The Moldovan's were ordered to pay Andrea a little over $1 million dollars in damages. Although Andrea's lawyer believes that the couple will end up appealing the verdict, Andrea still feels like justice has been served.

 Now, Andrea is focused on rebuilding her business. Meanwhile, all of Neely's social media pages have been set to private, and as of this writing, it seems that her blog has been taken down as well.

 What's sad about all this is that the Moldovan's reaction over a $125 makes no sense. You'd think that if they felt like they had been cheated, they would have tried to work it out with Andrea instead of being dead set on destroying her business.

 Maybe, the couple, especially Neely, were used to getting their way and weren't used to things not going according to their plan. In the end, Andrea lost her business and Neely seems to have lost her beauty and lifestyle blog as well as her reputation amongst her fan base. You can't help but wonder if Neely realizes that this whole ordeal just wasn't worth it in the end.

 I really don't know what else to say except I hope that Andrea is able to rebuild her business and maybe, just maybe, the Moldovan's will end up learning a lesson in the future. I'm doubtful that Neely will ever be able to recover as a blogger from all this, but sometimes that's the price you pay for letting greed take control.

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